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Succession planning

Fortify the future of your organization with strategic succession planning and ensure leadership continuity, organizational resilience, and a seamless transition for key roles.

Embrace a comprehensive approach

Dive deep into succession planning beyond the executive level, preparing for both the immediate and future needs of your organization to ensure it’s always ready for what’s next.

Get strategies tailored to your unique context

Benefit from customized planning that respects your organization’s size, complexity, and culture, ensuring your succession plan aligns with the needs of your business.

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Build enduring organizational resilience

Equip your organization with strategies and tools for sustainable independence and growth, transforming succession planning into a pillar of resilience.

Expert opinion

"You can't just hand over the keys. There's a complexity to organizational life that requires knowledge sharing. Where this knowledge sharing is usually informal, we create the structure for that knowledge exchange, map it out, and make it tangible so that it doesn't get lost in the busyness of day-to-day organizational work."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

"Making sure that the corporate intelligence is built into the fabric of the organization creates opportunities for upward mobility. It creates a path for up-and-coming leaders, and makes the organization strong and viable going into the future."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

"For succession planning to be effective, it needs to take into account external factors that are beyond the organization’s control. This includes the labour market, employment rates, regional and geographical variations, and industry sector trends."

Brad Boyce
Client Solutions in Finance and Accounting

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