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Laurie Wilson

Client Solutions in Culture and Risk Management

A social scientist, Laurie Wilson takes a people-centric lens and uses organizational psychology to design resilient and adaptive organizational frameworks. Applying her expertise in risk and resilience, Laurie partners with organizations to assess and manage risk, develop people systems and behaviours that foster long-term growth and resilience, and cultivate powerful employee experiences. As a consultant with Realize Solutions, Laurie helps clients to enhance their organizational capabilities and adaptive capacity; identify strategically-aligned leadership candidates; augment their knowledge management; and optimize their organizational structure.

"Our clients have found most value in the ability of Strengths-Based Coaching to facilitate professional self-development, often leading to improvement in an individual’s morale, as well as in the shared language and understanding strengths-based coaching provides a team, enabling better communication and collaboration."

"Strengths-Based Coaching provides insights that can inform personalized onboarding and development plans. Its focus and methodology identifies strengths rather than weaknesses, leading to increased feelings of empowerment and responsibility. With the results, your organization will be in a greater position to foster a more engaging and productive work environment and to turbo-charge internal relationships."

"Satisfied staff is not a nice-to-have – it’s the cornerstone of a thriving organization. When people are flourishing, so is the organization. Workplace culture encapsulates the collective mindset and common attitudes that influence how work is performed and how employees relate to one another. A healthy workplace culture is therefore key in realizing the desired character and personality of the organization itself."

"When I ask teams what makes them feel engaged and satisfied at work, they say things like: I want to feel safe to voice my opinion, valued, able to use my strengths, trusted with autonomy, know what’s expected of me. The ability of an organization’s leadership to cultivate these feelings in the staff is what builds a healthy culture. When there are issues in these areas, the work and therefore the organization suffers."

"The importance of alignment on purpose, beginning at the highest level of your organization, cannot be understated. Focusing on strategic agility can unify your people behind a clear and convincing ‘why’, while giving your organization the flexibility it will need to address inevitable change. successfully."

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