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CEO 360 evaluation

Enhance your leadership dynamics with a comprehensive CEO 360 evaluation designed to reflect, refine, and reinforce the performance and development of your organization’s chief executive.

Normalize leadership evaluation

Create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability with regular evaluations, emphasizing your board’s commitment to leadership excellence and strategic guidance.

Gain comprehensive insights

Leverage feedback from key internal and external stakeholders to paint a full picture of the CEO’s performance across critical areas such as board relationships, organizational development, and strategic execution.

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Foster growth and alignment

Deliver targeted recommendations and actionable insights, fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth, aligns goals, and solidifies the CEO-board partnership for enhanced organizational success.

Expert opinion

"It’s critical to build the strength of the relationship between the board and the CEO. Evaluating the CEO’s strengths and weaknesses allows both the leader and the board to build upon or mitigate where needed. It’s a very proactive tool that engages the front-line staff, management and executives, and allows for a lot of internal feedback."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

"Creating internal discussion amongst staff, managers, and the executive team creates a sense of safety that the organization’s most important business relationships are working out. It allows the team to feel that the board is competent and ensures that the leader is doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

"Evaluating your CEO gives feedback to your board as well as the leader with respect to success and opportunities for growth. Tying and accessing performance against strategy or desired outcomes supports the organization in its goals, and a regular evaluation process shows appreciation and awareness for your leader’s efforts and provides a view into the impact they are making in your organization."

Michael Cook
Client Solutions in Technology and Product Innovation

The 6 phases of CEO 360 evaluation

Phase 1

Determine timing, deliverables, and design options.

Phase 2

Review documents including strategic plans as well as the chief executive job description and goals.

Phase 3

Survey participants to assess the CEO’s performance.

Phase 4

Conduct interviews to dive further into survey feedback.

Phase 5

Analyze feedback and create a report on findings and recommendations.

Phase 6

Debrief and deliver the final CEO 360 evaluation report.

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