The greater good

Organizations have a responsibility to help build a better world, and we’re no exception. We strive to lead by example, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, partnering with non-profits and charities, and working with businesses that share our values.


Making an impact beyond the boardroom

As a B-Corp, Living Wage, and Buy Canada Social certified organization, our values extend beyond our business success, encompassing pro bono work, volunteerism, equality, and global stewardship. 


Helping an organization resolve harassment claims against the CEO

A multi-million dollar Child and Family Service organization received multiple staff complaints of feeling harassed by the CEO and unsafe.

Helping a national board achieve strategic alignment

National board misaligned on organizational future.

Helping Recycle BC maintain marketplace and stakeholder relevance

Leadership struggling to align and gain support of key stakeholders and partners.

Helping Cowichan Valley Regional District manage consistent staff turnover

Municipality seeking an optimized HR service delivery model to efficiently and effectively support internal clients.

Helping BC Non-Profit Housing Association achieve strategic agility

Leadership struggling to balance affordable commercial insurance programs and financial viability.

Helping Bard on the Beach resolve financial inefficiencies

Leadership frustrated with financial inefficiencies but also afraid of toppling fragile existing system.

Helping Archway mitigate the risks of rapid growth

Board and senior management concerned about organization’s capacity to identify, manage, and respond to strategic and operational risks.

Organizations creating a positive impact

Explore case studies of how we’ve helped our clients make a meaningful difference in the world by bridging the gap between purpose and profits.

Transforming our values into real‑world impact

201 Charities and non-profits we have partnered with
531hrs Estimated value of pro bono work for charities and non-profits in 2023
6x Honoree on B Lab’s Best for the World List
$9.2m Generated through our community partnership with Vancity in 2023

Meet the charities and non-profits we partner with

What we stand for

Pay equity and living wages

In a world where the global average pay ratio is 144:1 between the highest and lowest-paid employees, we’re proud to be a certified Living Wage Employer with a maximum ratio of 3.5:1.

Supporting non-profits and charities

Some of our client focuses include affordable housing, advocacy for women, reduced carbon transportation, and employment training for marginalized groups. We believe in giving back to our community and our team has the freedom to contribute to volunteer causes during work hours.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

There’s always room to improve when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but we prioritize practical action over theoretical exercises.

Responsible procurement

We’re committed to social purchasing, allotting at least 50% of our expenses to suppliers that are locally owned; Certified Living Wage Employers; majority owned by women, BIPOC, or other traditionally underrepresented groups; Buy Social Canada or B Lab certified; or are social enterprises.

Stakeholder capitalism

We consider the interests of all stakeholders, including our clients, employees, and communities, in everything we do.

B Corp excellence

With a B Corp rating of 128.8, we surpass the organization’s based qualifying score by 1.6x and rank 2.5x higher than the median score for ordinary businesses.

Making a positive impact

We are proud to be certified by B Corp, Living Wage, and Buy Social Canada. From empowering leaders and organizations, to volunteering, social purchasing, knowledge sharing, and global stewardship, we  are committed to strengthening our communities.

Learn more about how we do it in our impact report.