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Board chair and CEO partnership evaluation

Assess and strengthen the relationship between your board chair and CEO to create a better lever for increasing your board’s impact and value to your organization.

Empower relationships that maximize your board’s impact

The relationship between your chair and CEO sets the tone for your organization’s governance. Forging a more positive dynamic unlocks your board’s potential to achieve your organization’s purpose and goals.

Focus on the people behind the roles

The relationship between the chair and CEO is among the most critical in the organization, and the best ones are founded on mutual trust and respect. We understand that people are at the heart of this relationship and act as a neutral independent party for both.

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Expert opinion

"The board chair and the CEO are the heart and lungs of any organization. Without a shared vision and an effective working relationship, your organization will flounder on life-support. It won’t be able to excite customers, inspire employees or make the tough decisions that will enable it to thrive in competitive markets in an ever-changing world."

John Kay
Client Solutions in Strategy, Governance, Leadership and Finance

"Who leads your organization? The board chair? The CEO? The answer is both. In today’s rapidly changing environment, your organization depends on having your Board Chair and CEO work as trusted partners who are inspired to build long-term value for your customers and challenge your employees to perform like Olympic athletes."

John Kay
Client Solutions in Strategy, Governance, Leadership and Finance

The 6 phases of Board chair and CEO partnership evaluation

Phase 1

Determine timing, map deliverables, and design evaluation options.

Phase 2

Review by-laws, constitutions, strategic plans, and governance policies.

Phase 3

Conduct a thorough survey with the board chair, CEO, and other participants to assess the current relationship.

Phase 4

Host in-depth interviews to dive further into survey feedback.

Phase 5

Analyze survey feedback and create a report detailing findings and recommendations.

Phase 6

Provide a final debrief report for your board team.

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