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Helping Recycle BC maintain marketplace and stakeholder relevance

Leadership struggling to align and gain support of key stakeholders and partners.

“How do we maintain relevance in the marketplace and with our stakeholders?"

Recycle BC needed the support of key supply chain stakeholders and partners to expand its province-wide packaging and paper product (PPP) program in alignment with federal and global environmental commitments.

The organization also planned to launch its own GHG emissions reporting system. Realize was asked to help engage and align key stakeholders/partners and support the development of Recycle BC’s GHG emissions reporting system.

March 16, 2024
The client
Recycle BC

The challenge

Recycle BC struggled to align and gain support of key supply chain stakeholders and partners

Recycle BC needed the support and compliance of its supply chain partners (local governments, First Nations, private companies, and community organizations) to launch its revised PPP program in order to meet Canada’s environmental commitments on plastics.

The solution

Public stakeholder consultation and roadmap to stakeholder alignment and unity

Realize recognized that Recycle BC needed to deeply understand their key stakeholders and partners to address concerns, promote alignment, and encourage stakeholder buy-in.

Our approach and methodology

Realize led and facilitated a 2-day consultation with 136 of Recycle BC’s supply chain partners which included local government and First Nations collectors, private corporations, Provincial Ministries, stewardship agencies, education and community organizations, and more. Nine workshops focused on areas of proposed change were held to promote clarity and alignment, with over 900 questions and comments recorded and addressed. To support the First Nations Recycling Initiative and Recycle BC’s commitment to providing equitable and efficient recycling services to both urban and rural residents, Realize created the First Nations Recycling Program Toolkit. This resource helped First Nations and Northern communities assess their recycling needs and guided them through the planning process. Realize also conducted a comprehensive analysis of regulatory standards, GHG reporting practices across BC and SK municipalities, and assessed Recycle BC’s collector partners’ current practices and standards to guide and inform the development of Recycle BC’s own supply chain GHG reporting and tracking system.

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About Recycle BC

Recycle BC is responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia, servicing over two million households or over 99% of BC through curbside, multi-family, and/or depot services. Recycle BC provides recycling services either directly to communities or by working in partnership with local governments, First Nations, private companies, and other not-for-profit organizations.

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