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Organizational review

Accelerate your organization’s performance and boost its overall health with a thorough review to identify strengths and opportunities, define specific challenges, and make meaningful changes that help your business achieve its strategic vision.

Take a holistic look at your organization

Conduct an assessment that evaluates the effectiveness of various business elements in fulfilling your organizational mandate and identifies anything that could strengthen or disrupt them.

Evaluate key facets of your business

Leverage a proven review process that ensures nothing falls through the cracks, assessing elements such as efficiency, functionality, competence, processes, programs, products, contracts, culture, reputation, amalgamations, mergers, and unionization.

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Create meaningful organizational change

Receive practical recommendations and actionable, custom-designed solutions that allow you to allocate resources effectively to optimize the performance of your organization.

Expert opinion

"We’ve learned that organizations who get an outside perspective with time to reflect on what they’re doing, how, and why, can streamline and adapt their efforts in ways that strengthen their organization. It’s hard to do an audit yourself as there’s always reasons why something should be the way it is. If your organization was set up perfectly 8 years ago and hasn’t changed since, it’s likely not perfect anymore."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

"We take the pressure off of the CEO or executive manager, strip away the politics, and look at your organization holistically making changes easier to implement. We give you a blueprint of what you need to do each quarter complete with recommendations. And we’re always available if you need more help."

Alison Marshall
Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

Helping an $800M crown corporation resolve wide-spread organizational inefficiencies

"Our organizational structure doesn’t support long-term efficiency or an engaging employee experience."

Multiple recent restructuring processes still resulting in organizational inefficiencies, confusion, and poor communication.

The 3 phases of Organizational review

Phase 1

Confirm scope and objectives, review required documentation, and conduct a survey with relevant interviewees.

Phase 2

Identify and classify issues, conduct analysis, and develop reports and recommended action items.

Phase 3

Present findings to relevant stakeholders.

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