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Alison Marshall

Client Solutions in Strategy and Leadership

Alison Marshall has over twenty years of consulting experience supporting public-sector and nonprofit organizations in strategic planning, organizational design, and change management. With both an MBA and a BA in Psychology informing her approach, Alison is uniquely skilled at helping institutions identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and optimize strategies to support their mission. She has worked at Realize Solutions for fourteen years and is an expert in facilitating in-person and virtual sessions with Boards, leadership teams, and management groups. Alison’s people-centred method to strategy and development ensures that the most valuable resources of an organization, its employees, are considered throughout the process.

"You can't just hand over the keys. There's a complexity to organizational life that requires knowledge sharing. Where this knowledge sharing is usually informal, we create the structure for that knowledge exchange, map it out, and make it tangible so that it doesn't get lost in the busyness of day-to-day organizational work."

"Making sure that the corporate intelligence is built into the fabric of the organization creates opportunities for upward mobility. It creates a path for up-and-coming leaders, and makes the organization strong and viable going into the future."

"We take the pressure off of the CEO or executive manager, strip away the politics, and look at your organization holistically making changes easier to implement. We give you a blueprint of what you need to do each quarter complete with recommendations. And we’re always available if you need more help."

"We’ve learned that organizations who get an outside perspective with time to reflect on what they’re doing, how, and why, can streamline and adapt their efforts in ways that strengthen their organization. It’s hard to do an audit yourself as there’s always reasons why something should be the way it is. If your organization was set up perfectly 8 years ago and hasn’t changed since, it’s likely not perfect anymore."

"Creating internal discussion amongst staff, managers, and the executive team creates a sense of safety that the organization’s most important business relationships are working out. It allows the team to feel that the board is competent and ensures that the leader is doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way."

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