Innovative solutions to complex challenges

Explore our suite of outcome-oriented solutions designed to help you navigate change, protect your organization, and solve your most complex business challenges.


Board chair and CEO partnership evaluation

Assess and strengthen the relationship between your board chair and CEO to create a better lever for increasing your board’s impact and value to your organization.

Board and governance transformation

Assess where your organization stands in its governance journey, celebrate your strengths, uncover opportunity areas, and align your board on how to increase its governance effectiveness.

Board training

The alignment of your board determines the success of your organization. Board training blends governance theory with practical discussions and activities to ensure your board members are on the same page about how to show up for your business.


Leadership coaching

Lay the foundation for a more successful organization by empowering your leaders with the tools and skills to manage their people, overcome obstacles, and navigate complex challenges.

Strengths-based coaching

Improve the performance of individuals and teams, resolve recruitment and retention challenges, and overcome leadership and team dynamics issues by focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses.

CEO 360 evaluation

Enhance your leadership dynamics with a comprehensive CEO 360 evaluation designed to reflect, refine, and reinforce the performance and development of your organization’s chief executive.

Staff morale and cultural shift

Empower your organization to thrive by identifying and engaging the levers required to improve employee engagement using our proven staff morale and cultural shift process.

Executive search

Safeguard the future success of your organization with a fulsome and intentional search to recruit and retain the right executive.


Succession planning

Fortify the future of your organization with strategic succession planning and ensure leadership continuity, organizational resilience, and a thoughtful transition for key roles.

Strategic agility

Define and articulate a clear, dynamic strategy that aligns with your organization’s purpose and abides by its mission, vision, and values.

Organizational review

Accelerate your organization’s performance and boost its overall health with a thorough review to identify strengths and opportunities, define specific challenges, and make meaningful changes that help your business achieve its strategic vision.

Risk audit

Identify and mitigate existing or prospective risks with an audit that assesses your organizational structure and processes, and then provides a blueprint to achieve your company’s strategic vision.


From the public sector to the private sector, we support organizations across virtually every industry and field of expertise.

Architecture & infrastructure
Real Estate
Social economy & finance
Public sector & crown agencies
Professional services
Performing arts & culture
Food Franchise
Environmental certification
Digital technology
Circular & ocean economy
Alternative energy

Our four-step solution process

We design customized solutions to solve complex business challenges, but every solution is guided by four core components.


Every client engagement begins with an in-depth discovery process that helps get to the root of your challenge.


Working collaboratively with your employees and leadership team, we strategically design a custom solution to address your organization’s needs.


Operating in lockstep with your team, we help your organization implement the prescribed solution to create meaningful change.


We prioritize outcomes over outputs and conduct follow-up evaluations to ensure your challenge has been addressed in a lasting manner.

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