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Board and governance transformation

Assess where your organization stands in its governance journey, celebrate your strengths, uncover opportunity areas, and align your board on how to increase its governance effectiveness.

Evaluate current-state board effectiveness

Leverage honest and confidential board feedback to assess the effectiveness of your governance model, evaluate its ability to meet your organization’s goals, determine whether your policies and practices are fit for purpose, and measure the performance of individual directors and officers.

Uncover opportunities to improve governance

Receive practical, customized solutions that address your current board effectiveness, elevate your board’s abilities, position your governance model as a true partner to your organization, and reinspire your board team.

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Expert opinion

"Here’s a challenge: are you ready to make the leap from good governance to great governance? Good governance ensures you’re complying with rules and regulations. Great governance ensures you’re creating long-term value for your customers."

John Kay
Client Solutions in Strategy, Governance, Leadership and Finance

"Is your board and management team doing the right things, or doing things right? Doing the right things means building an organization that excites customers, inspires employees and creates long-term value. Doing things right means you’re following a checklist of activities designed to ensure compliance. It’s not the playbook for an organization that drives constantly for gold-medal performance."

John Kay
Client Solutions in Strategy, Governance, Leadership and Finance

Helping BC Tree Fruits overcome loss of confidence in board directors

"We've lost confidence in our board of directors."

BC Tree Fruits Co-operative experienced significant challenges that led to members and key partners losing confidence in the board of directors.

The 6 phases of Board and governance transformation

Phase 1

Determine timing, map deliverables, and design transformation options.

Phase 2

Review by-laws, constitutions, strategic plans, and governance policies.

Phase 3

Conduct a thorough survey of all participants to assess board effectiveness.

Phase 4

Host in-depth interviews to dive further into survey feedback.

Phase 5

Analyze survey feedback and create a report detailing findings and recommendations.

Phase 6

Provide a final debrief report for your board team.

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