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Helping Cowichan Valley Regional District manage consistent staff turnover

Municipality seeking an optimized HR service delivery model to efficiently and effectively support internal clients.

"We've been successful at recruiting great talent but turnover is still a problem."

For the past few years, Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) had engaged in focused growth. However, focussing on just recruitment left HR with little capacity to manage other key areas of the employee lifecycle (culture, employee development, retention), resulting in consistent turnover. Realize was asked to help CVRD manage and respond to vital gaps in the existing HR delivery service model and reduce turnover.

March 16, 2024
The client

The challenge

Focused growth left CVRD with little capacity to manage and support staff after recruitment, leading to consistent turnover

CVRD’s HR division lacked the capacity and service delivery system to effectively support their internal clients beyond recruitment, leaving gaps in key areas such as organizational effectiveness, labour relations, training, and employee wellness/OH&S.

The solution

New strategic HR service delivery model and actionable roadmap to organizational resilience

Realize recognized that there were two key components to CVRD’s challenge: 1) designing a new HR service delivery model that addressed critical service gaps; and 2) implementing people-centred change management practices to ensure a successful adoption of the new model.

Our approach and methodology

Realize conducted a comprehensive service delivery model audit informed by the perspectives of leadership, management, and staff to assess the strengths and gaps of the current model. Facilitated design thinking sessions were also conducted with leadership and management to establish strategic alignment and clarity between HR and the CVRD. Using these insights, a new HR service delivery model was developed to address critical gaps in four core areas, effectively and promptly: organizational effectiveness, labour relations, training, and employee wellness/OH&S. To activate the recommended corrective actions and system, Realize provided the leadership team with people-centred change management training – engaging, training, communicating, and supporting employees to ensure that people embrace and successfully adapt to change – to ensure a successful transition to the new service delivery model.

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About CVRD

The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) is one of 27 regional districts in British Columbia with nearly 90,000 residents. Located on Vancouver Island, the CVRD is comprised of nine electoral areas and four municipalities, covering a land area of 3473.12km². As a regional government, the CVRD deals with local issues from a region-wide perspective, as well as administering the local functions for its unincorporated areas.

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