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Executive search

Safeguard the future success of your organization with a fulsome and intentional search to recruit and retain the right executive.

Establish effective hiring practices

Hire the most effective executive using sound judgment and a rigorous process rooted in a deep understanding of the essential qualities needed for the role, open-mindedness, and allowances for a candidate’s authenticity and imperfection.

Understand your potential new leader

Recruit an executive that will lead by example in alignment with your organization’s values and purpose while exercising sound strategic and operational decision-making.

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Expert opinion

"Executive search is a highly important undertaking with many moving parts. It not only identifies the next leader of your organization, it’s also an opportunity to build your organization’s reputation. We can ensure a thorough process, while also managing the expectations and experiences of the many stakeholders involved."

Michael Cook
Client Solutions in Technology and Product Innovation

"We can support your board through the time-consuming process of recruiting an executive leader, and filling in potential gaps you are experiencing in capacity and expertise. It’s critical for your organization to develop a strategic and relevant leader profile, motivating materials, and an accurate sense of the labour market to know where your competitive advantage lies."

Laurie Wilson
Client Solutions in Culture and Risk Management

Helping QMUNITY hire and develop an executive director

"We need more than just a solid resume, we need a leader who represents our community and lives our mission and values.”

Board lacked the capacity and experience to hire, onboard, and mentor a new executive director.

The 6 phases of Executive search

Phase 1

Create an engaging job ad that accurately conveys the key parameters of the role.

Phase 2

Source and engage prospective executive candidates.

Phase 3

Conduct pre-screening and interview preparation.

Phase 4

Host candidate interviews and evaluate the merits of your prospects.

Phase 5

Select the right candidate and begin the hiring process.

Phase 6

Prepare to onboard your chosen executive team member.

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