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Helping an $800M crown corporation resolve wide-spread organizational inefficiencies

Multiple recent restructuring processes still resulting in organizational inefficiencies, confusion, and poor communication.

"Our organizational structure doesn’t support long-term efficiency or an engaging employee experience."

An $800M Crown corporation continued to grapple with widespread organizational inefficiencies despite investing significantly in centralization and restructuring. Realize was asked to help create an organizational structure that would create an engaging work experience, prepare them for the “digital future”, and create a sustainable, adaptative, and agile organization.

March 23, 2024
The client

The challenge

Unsuccessful centralization attempts left an $800m Crown corporation experiencing wide-spread organizational inefficiencies

Despite multiple recent restricting processes, an $800M Crown corporation was still facing significant challenges around agility and adaptability, accountability, staff morale and culture shift, resource management, and communal buy-in to change.

The solution

Comprehensive operating model audit and actionable roadmap to success

Realize recognized that there were two key components to the client’s challenge: 1) designing a people-centred operating model; and 2) navigating change fatigue and gaining communal change buy-in.

Our approach and methodology

Realize conducted a comprehensive operating model audit informed by the perspectives of leadership, management, and staff to assess the strengths and gaps of the current model. All levels of staff were surveyed to ensure that all voices and perspectives were represented and considered in analyses and recommendations. Facilitated design thinking sessions were conducted with leadership and management to establish alignment and co-create key principles to enable structural change decision making, both now and in the future. From this, two viable people-centred models that would address current challenges (agility and adaptability, accountability, resource management) and support staff and client needs. Advantages, disadvantages, and contingencies were provided for staying with the status quo or transitioning to the either the recommended or alternative model. To activate the recommended changes, Realize provided people-centred change management training to the leadership team – engaging, training, communicating, and supporting employees to ensure that people embrace and successfully adapt to change – to ensure a successful transition.

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Multiple recent restructuring processes still resulting in organizational inefficiencies, confusion, and poor communication.

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