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Risk audit

Identify and mitigate existing or prospective risks with an audit that assesses your organizational structure and processes, and then provides a blueprint to achieve your company’s strategic vision.

Optimize your enterprise risk management framework

Enlist third-party support to assess, evaluate, and optimize your ERM framework through in-depth staff interviews, internal document reviews, and customized recommendations.

Design a holistic risk management solution

Get an actionable tailored blueprint to correct issues and establish a structure that blends the right policies, processes, people, capabilities, and accountabilities to fulfill your organization’s goals.

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Expert opinion

"One of the hardest things for leaders to do in relation to risk management is making decisions on resource allocation. This is often down to feelings of uncertainty around how much risk your organization can conceivably bear. A risk audit can assess, bring clarity, and prioritize the biggest issues of potential impact, and give you more confidence and ease in your risk-related decisions."

Laurie Wilson
Client Solutions in Culture and Risk Management

"Organizational risk is often an area where an outside perspective can be very valuable. With a lack of objectivity, complacency can sometimes set in with a view that if nothing bad has happened yet, the risk must be negligible. This sets a dangerous trap that overlooks current and available opportunities for simple, effective risk mitigation that can save a lot of heartache down the line. Your best line of defense is to consider the long-term, while you are focused on the here and now."

Laurie Wilson
Client Solutions in Culture and Risk Management

"Financial risk evaluation should take a more holistic viewpoint, from receivables and burn rates to industry-specific trends and interest rates in order to give a more fulsome overview of the risk profile."

Brad Boyce
Client Solutions in Finance and Accounting

Helping an organization resolve harassment claims against the CEO

“People are saying it’s a toxic workplace – but we don’t know what that means exactly or what is going on.”

A multi-million dollar Child and Family Service organization received multiple staff complaints of feeling harassed by the CEO and unsafe.

The 5 phases of Risk audit

Phase 1

Confirmation of scope and approach, project objectives and protocols, and required documentation.

Phase 2

Review of policies and practices, staff interviews, assessment and classification of risk, and development of a comprehensive report and recommendations.

Phase 3

Presentation of findings to relevant stakeholders.

Phase 4

Development of change management and internal communications plan.

Phase 5

Implementation of recommendations through training and coaching.

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