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Maintained market share and stakeholder relevance for Recycle BC

Recycle BC

Leadership struggled to align and gain the support of their key stakeholders and partners.

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Stabilized consistent staff turnover for Cowichan Valley Regional District


Municipality sought an optimized HR service delivery model to efficiently and effectively support internal clients.

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Created strategic agility for the BC Non-Profit Housing Association

BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Leadership needed to balance affordable commercial insurance programs and financial viability.

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Reduced wide-spread organizational inefficiencies for an $800M Crown corporation


Restructuring processes resulted in organizational inefficiencies, confusion, and poor communication.

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Rectified financial inefficiencies for Bard on the Beach

Bard on the Beach

Leadership was frustrated with financial inefficiencies and afraid of toppling an already fragile system.

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Mitigated the risks of rapid growth for Archway


Board and senior management were concerned about their capacity to identify, manage, and respond to strategic and operational risks.

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Recruited and developed an executive director for QMUMITY


Board lacked the capacity and experience to hire, onboard, and mentor a new executive director.

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Strengthened confidence in BC Tree Fruits’ board of directors

BC Tree Fruits

BC Tree Fruits Co-operative experienced significant challenges that led to members and key partners losing confidence in the board of directors.

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