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Helping a national board achieve strategic alignment

National board misaligned on organizational future.

“We can’t align on where we want to be in 5 years.”

A large national board struggled with maintaining strategic alignment as they experienced growth and gained more operational staff. Realize was asked to help establish clarity and alignment in three core areas: roles, mission/vision/values, and key strategic initiatives.

March 18, 2024
The client

The challenge

Organizational growth exposes lack of strategic alignment between board and operational staff

When developing a strategic plan, a national board struggled to clarify their new role in a growing organization, re-establish alignment, and support new strategic initiatives.

The solution

Customized strategic planning session and actionable roadmap to strategic alignment and clarity

Realize recognized the board’s challenges of clarifying their new role in a growing organization and re-establishing alignment.

Our approach and methodology

Realize was flown in on request to support and guide the national board in re-establishing strategic alignment and clarity. A full-day strategic planning and board training session was conducted to establish role clarity and internal alignment in three core areas: roles, mission/vision/values, and key strategic initiatives. Upon approval of the new key strategic initiatives, a 3-year strategic plan summary was developed for public stakeholder use. To maintain clarity between the board and operational staff, the strategic plan summary was also utilized as a foundational document for internal operational planning.

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